ClaviBrace Clavicle Fracture or Collarbone Fracture Brace

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A patented brace in the design of  a gilet waistcoat. 

Holds the shoulders and upperbody in perfect alignment offering the best healing environment for treating a clavicle fracture, also known as a broken collarbone.

This powerful brace is available only as part of a dedicated medically monitored care plan providing an acknowledged alternative to surgery for all closed clavicle fractures, even the most severe.

Over thirteen years use of the ClaviBrace has delivered evidence of outcomes equal to surgery with faster recovery time, a dramatic reduction in pain whilst allowing greater independence during healing. Wearers report being able to continue with everyday life including light training and in some cases, competitive sport where officially permitted.

Consultant and icon of the shoulder world, Mr Ian Bayley FRCS, at Circle Health Group Clementine Churchill Hospital and 75 Harley Street commented, "the ClaviBrace gilet provides ideal shoulder support and we're seeing really good results using it for clavicle fractures".

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE CLAVIBRACE AND THE SPECIALIST CLAVICLE FRACTURE CARE PATHWAY? Self-payers & private medically insured welcome. Call Barbara Thompson on 07968510452 to discuss.



Concerned that an arm sling isn't providing enough support for your broken collarbone or shoulder?  You'd be right, a sling is designed to support the weight of the arm and does not adequately support the shoulder. Neither can a sling be regarded as a treatment, more accurately, benign neglect. Using an arm sling for a broken collarbone may cause the collarbone to become permanantly shortened causing the shoulder-blade to malfunction resulting in loss of strength to the arm and shoulder.


Ten years of working with icons of the shoulder world helped bring about the development of this vest. Our studies prove that it can, under specialist care, offer outcomes equal to surgery, without the associated risks of surgery. 

for medical breakthrough
 (Nominated by icon of the shoulder world, Professor Angus Wallace)

Clavicular Gilet V Surgery read more

Using a gilet design significantly improves shoulder and overall torso posture, whilst also delivering a more comfortable and independant healing experience.

  • Does not interfere with blood supply to the arms or underlying nerves or cut up at the underarms. 

  • Can also, where applicable, reduce the pain of broken ribs.

Clavicular Gilet Versus Figure of Eight Splint

The principle of drawing the shoulders back to maintain the length of a broken collarbone is well understood. The Fig of Eight design, whilst it draws the shouler back,  also causes pressure at the fracture site leading to further displacement of the broken bone and tingling in the arms as the broken end(s) touch down on underlying nerves. It also cuts up at the underarms, restricting blood-flow, causing numbness in the arms and fingers. Over time the fig of eight cuts-in at the back of the neck making it extremely uncomfortable for the wearer. The Clavicluar Gilet has resolved those issues. 

ClaviBrace accessory for early return to sport 
A specially designed upperarm gaiter can be added at three weeks and attaches to the gilet. The gaiter prevents extremes of movement likely to disrupt the healing process  and is the brainchild of surgeon 

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The Clavicular Gilet and Gaiter combination gave International event rider Tina Canton the confidence to get back to competition only 4 weeks after a serious collarbone break.

Horse and Hound 
- Tina back competing with three horses at Buckminster Horse Trails, a record four weeks after badly smashing her collarbone.