4DflexiSPORT Technical Fabrics

Thermo Regulating NON SWEAT Textile Technology

  • Avoids allergic reaction

  • Vents moisture - avoids sweat and odour

  • Skin friendly - does not block skin sensory nerves - resulting in less risk of irritation

  • Warms without sweat - avoids overheating - reduces inflammation - promotes a better healing environment

  • All the strength and compression of other orthopaedic supports

Be assured our products do not, ‘stop you sweating', nor do they prevent you from producing moisture - your natural body response - they allow drying to happen quickly reducing overheating, inflammation, discomfort and pain. 

All of which is particularly important when supporting an injured part or arthritic joint, and represents a welcome alternative to sweaty, high rubber content products such as those made from Neoprene and Latex.