Thumb METAL Splint

on 16 April 2016
Perfect support, can be worn 24/7.
on 13 April 2016
Comfortable and easy to put on , this is really good for stopping you using your thumb too much if you have arthritis. It allows some movement but reminds you to be careful. Comfortable enough to sleep in if needed

on 1 April 2016
I have developed De Quervein's in my left thumb,and decided to try this support, after reading the encouraging reviews,(which were most helpful.)
I thought that I had nothing to loose,if this support was half as useful for me.
Having now given it a thorough testing,I can confirm that it is excellent,and that the other reviewers were
not exaggerating it's effectiveness.
My injury clears after a few days of wearing the support,and prevents further painful injury,during recovery.
Once recovered,I can wear the support at the Gym, when using the "fixed weights"machines,and cross trainer etc. I have not tested the support against heavy "free weights",as I feel that this is expecting too much,but I am delighted that I can now resume my fitness training with this slight modification.
I have a small wrist and hands ,and it is fairly easy to locate the splint correctly,and tighten the thumb,and wrist straps to give a firm,but comfortable support.( experiment with the possible adjustment pressures,and positions until you get it right for your hand size)
This is a tough,and well made item,which should give long service,and is vastly superior to others that I
have tried( some are practically useless,and the NHS version is unfortunately a rather primitive and ugly bit of kit,)
If you suffer from this problem,I am convinced that this highly professional Company have come up with
a real winner here.

on 17 March 2016
Gives real relief for arthritic thumb. A worthwhile buy

on 12 March 2016
An excellent way to provide support for your thumb if you have tendonitis. Well made and comfortable to wear.

on 8 March 2016
Does the job very well.

on 3 March 2016
Relief all round! Fast delivery was much appreciated. Thank you
on 22 February 2016
Bought two of these previously and they're just right to keep my De Quervain's tenosynovitis in check. I've got a comfortable pattern to bend the spica and it's meant no need for more jabs for a year (nor the need for surgery). Unlike bulkier saints, this one doesn't support my wrist and lead to weakening. I have three so I can cycle them through the wash and always have a clean one to wear (plus a spare - just in case).

on 19 February 2016
Arrived in time. Adjustable , gives good support to thumb and wrist with adjustable grip
Excellent product

HALL OF FAME TOP 10 REVIEWER on 30 September 2014
My wife purchased this for me as she thought it might help with my slightly stiff arthritic thumb (it was saddening to get this diagnosis at the age of 30!). Unusually my thumb joint is swollen where my thumb bends, and not between my thumb and the palm of my hand as is more commonly the case.

I have worn this support now consistently for the last six weeks and can report that it helps when I want to protect my thumb in the short term, but wearing it day in and day out I've found no improvement in my swelling.

So why am I still giving it 5 stars? Well I don't think my wife could have actually bought me a better value support for my problem. The adjustable Velcro around the thumb and my wrist never wore out (despite having to take my support off at least four times a day, every day for six weeks). It never rubbed or caused pain, and the stiffness of the support was perfect for protecting my thumb from knocks or strains.

I feel that although it hasn't helped with my particular case of arthritis I am glad I tried it and would recommend it. My doctor's advice is to keep the support and wear it when my thumb is particularly painful which seems like a good idea. A well made, comfortable thumb support. Though it didn't work I am glad I tried it.

on 19 November 2013
I have developed De Quervains Synosivitis in addition to a chronic illness and i was at the end of my tether in absolute agony. Every letter I typed into my keyboard, even the slightest movement and I was grimacing in horrific pain. I could not even hold a piece of yarn it was that bad.

However, since buying this support, I am able to do all of my daily activities again. The condition has not yet healed, but this support is light, effective and after a while, it feels like you are not wearing one
Absolutely BRILLIANT

on 15 July 2014
If you have Carpal Tunnel, Tenosynovitis or any arthritic pain in your thumbs then this item is definitely one to buy. It can be used on either hand, is very easy to put on, once on it is so light and comfortable, you can forget you are wearing it. I have tried the NHS Futura splint, which is nowhere near as effective, the elasticated material makes the hand sweaty, the metal splint isn't in the correct place, not that easy to put on, colour is not very flattering (mustard) and quite cumbersome to wear. I have tried others which I found in High Street stores, again not very comfortable and also very expensive.

on 6 September 2015
I have osteo-arthritis in both thumbs but worse in my dominant thumb (right). I had already tried a neoprene support without metal and it was ok but annoyingly wasn't as supportive as I had hoped, did make my hand sweaty and the velcro caught on everything. The metal bit in this has made all the difference to the level of support, it doesn't make me sweat and the velcro has a lower profile, so isn't as annoying. Today I was weeding for quite a few hours without it (I couldn't find it) and by the evening I was in agony. Then I did find it and put it straight on, and you could almost hear my grateful thumb give a sigh of relief! Not hurting at all now. However I wouldn't be British if I didn't find something to grumble about, so.....I hate the huge "4D FlexiSport" logo on it and may even have a go at removing it (I never was sporty anyway!) and really, though velcro is a fantastic material, it sticks like bill-oh and if, like me, you have painful thumbs, the amount of grip and pressure needed by thumb and finger to get it undone rather defeats the object, especially if you have to do it several times a day!

on 7 June 2014
Excellent support whilst giving your fingers room for movement , light , non itchy can wear all day without realising you have it on , deffently recommend.

on 11 March 2014
I have small hands so wasn't sure about this item, but it is great! Fits well and has soft edges (I had to sew fleece fabric around the thumb of the last one I tried). Because the Velcro is single sided the edges stay attached to the fabric and don't catch on cuffs etc. Supports thumb well. Provides welcome relief.

on 22 July 2015
Great product arrived exeptionally fast. The fabric is like nothing I have ever seen, it was devised by this company for the specific purpose of being against the skin. It is soft, comfortable and yet strong and highly supportive. I would recommend this and any of the other products from their range for those of us who need them. If you're looking for a great supportive thumb splint, this is the one you want.

on 11 September 2014
Absolutely brilliant as I have painful trigger thumb, this splint makes all the difference to what I am able to do, as keeps my thumb straight and avoids uncomfortable bending of the upper joint, I put a rubber glove over for washing up and preparing food, and I hardly know I am wearing it. It is very easy to put on and take off.
on 25 August 2014
Having been issued with a rather cumbersome splint from the NHS which became really smelly after a few days, this was great. It supports my thumb whilst not restricting my mobility. Great