TT Vest (Thoracic Trainer)

Introducing our TT Vest (Thoracic Trainer), a low-profile close-contact gilet style waistcoat that works with muscle structures to improve and correct overall posture. 

This specially designed waistcoat like Vest revolutionises the way posture is corrected and works by following the contours of the body, applying corrective pressure to key points at the shoulders, spine and pelvis. 

A series of integrated components position the shoulder girdle correctly, thereby resolving a range of malfunctions including winging of the shoulder blade(s) referred medically as Scapular Dyskinesis. Vital biofeedback is also a key attribute of the vest by helping the wearer identify areas of wrong posture. After wearing the vest for a relatively short period of time muscle functionality improves and most importantly, after taking the vest off, this new muscle memory is retained through our ability to remember and change bad posture habits. 

It is important to note that with modern living wrong posture will inevitably return and as muscle memory fades. It is therefore imortand to wear the TT Vest intermittently to remind us and maintain best posture. 

It is also important to note that the vest does not create dependency even when wearing it continiously. On the contrary athletes report that it helps use and build muscles correctly. Pain is resolved, often instantaneously, with improvement to arm range and body symmetry as well as strengthening shoulder and spinal structures.  

Research by London consultant and shoulder guru Mr Ian Bayley shows how important it is to identify wrong shoulder action and he illustrates the consequences of ignoring it, read more about Scapular Dyskinesis (shoulder malfunction).

Research by Harley Street consultant and shoulder specialist Mr Ian Bayley explains how important it is to identify wrong shoulder action and the consequences of ignoring it.

TT Vest (Torso Trainer) Key Points

Accredited by leading consultants and practitioners.
Beneficial for shoulder and spinal injury rehabilitation and post-surgery use.
Suitable for continious extended wear and does not create dependency.
Powerful components hold shoulder blades (scapulae) close to the chest wall delivering better shoulder function, stability and strength.
Improves musculoskeletal alignment for better balance, strength and nerve and blood flow.
Stimulates essential bio-feedback for better proprioception and neuromuscular control i.e. a better brain-body connection and knowing where your shoulders are and an understanding of how 'good posture' should feel.
Lifts the diaphragm up and away from the pelvis, reducing strain at the lower back.
Allows freedom of movement, including arms reaching upwards, backwards and forwards.
Does not cut-up at the underarms or compromise blood supply to the arms or place pressure on nerves.
Can be worn during sports activities and gym training sessions.
Made from specially developed highly breathable technical fabrics and suitable for long term continious wear.

What else do I get?


Made using specially developed highly breathable technical fabrics.


Specially designed scapula pads, figure of eight style shoulder retraction, strategically placed splinting, internal stretch belt and outer stretch hip pulls.


Can be worn under or over clothing.

Stretch side panels accommodate both male and female body shape.


Machine washable at 40 degrees.

Medical findings

Our studies indicate that by wearing the TT Vest for as little as two days consecutively, muscle patterning and musculoskeletal alignment can be significantly improved.

Within as little as 20 minutes of first wearing, tension in the shoulders and neck disappears. Even after removing the TT Vest good shoulder and scapular position, and good posture remains. 

How long this improvement in muscle memory lasts varies from one individual to another. It is recommended to use the gilet on an on off basis to ensure continued success.

It is particularly useful as a diagnostics tool. An example, chronic pain presenting in the pelvis was found to be due to Scapular Dyskinesis (shoulder blade winging). The vest is also known to alleviate back and sciatic nerve pain. COPD sufferers have also benefitted resulting in reducing their steroid puffer use. Sports professionals report faster recovery time from muscle soreness after competitions, known as delayed-onset muscle soreness [DOMS].


How can I get one?

Available and fitted through United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, one of the biggest acute hospital trusts in England. For more details
Contact us: 07968510452
Healthcare Insurance
For more details about the route to obtaining through your private healthcare provider.
Contact us: 07968510452.
Privately Funded
Self funded package. Purchase from this website. Includes, consultation and fitting by consultants Mr Ian Bayley, 75 Harley Street, Mr Alun Yewlett, 108 Harley Street, London, plus other accredited fitters.
Appointments contact us: 07968510452



Our shoulder blades dictate the position of our shoulders and shoulder blades have few mechanoreceptors (the means by which the brain connects to them), meaning, we don't know where our shoulders are in space. 

Modern living has increased the prepencity for malfunctioning shoulders and for those with less appetite for surgery, the gilet approach, together with physiotherapy can be a life-changer.