Lumbar Belt (NO STAYS)

on 1 September 2017
husband said, very good much lighter than others, no sweating, glad I got it for him
on 23 September 2017
Great product very pleased
on 1 November 2017
Best thing ever, wearing this lumber support has improved my daily life.
on 3 September 2017
great this is the second purchase of this product
on 2 February 2015
I got this for my wife who has a lower back injury (muscular) from trying to move a wardrobe with my sister... sheesh, you'd think they would know better! She really is a brave soul and tends not to make a fuss but occasionally the pain can literally put her on her knees. She will not, having had several bed experiences, go to the doctor.
I really cannot say how much difference the belt has made. She puts it on first thing in the morning, when her back is at its worse and within half an hour she is completely free of any pain. This is a significant change to pre-belt. It is very easy to put on and I suspect it is the warming of the muscles that the material promotes is what is providing some of the relief. It does ride up a little when she sits down but not so much that it becomes ineffective or even uncomfortable. There are different colour options but she went for the Rasberry which is really quite nice and feminine and she says the colour itself makes a difference! I don't understand that but then again I'm all for dark colours.
I hate to see my wife in pain and this has given both of us some relief. Very Highly recommended to anyone with lower back pain/discomfort.
on 22 August 2015
So comfortable and easy to wear, yet at the same time, so effective in supporting weakened muscles until they had time to recover. I wore it every day for a week and it is in the boot of the car, just in case!
on 9 October 2015
the belt does what is says, no irritant, non sweaty, comfortable enough to wear, helps me to straighten good support...
excellent seller, received quickly, recommend DMH
on 24 September 2015
I have a broken spine and this has been absolutely fantastic. It takes all the pressure off when I stand up and hides under my clothes better than any other belt I've tried. The fit is perfect and the pink straps come around to help you adjust the pressure and tightness to what suits you best - this is a great design and very much appreciated. As described, it's breathable and doesn't have that rubbery type material on the inside that sticks to you and makes you sweat. It's also extremely comfortable and easy to forget you're wearing it. I'm a size 8-10 and ordered small. The last support belt I had needed to be wrapped around me twice and sometimes required an extra person to get it tight enough for my needs! The design of the extra pink flaps to adjust tightness eradicates this problem. I highly recommend this for anyone that needs lumbar support and doesn't want the world to know that they're wearing it.
on 19 June 2014
Great service! The product arrived exactly when expected. In addition, it lives up to its description. Since receiving it, I have worn it gardening, grocery shopping, on long walks, painting, and it has been a lifesaver. Next week, I will try it playing golf, but from what I have found so far, I have no doubt that it will do the trick.

on 4 May 2014
The product does what it said, gives good support, unlike an older one that I had, without being hot and sweaty.

on 28 April 2014
Only use the back support for golf,
It does what is say's on the box gives good support,fits all sizes I am rather large no problem in fitting.
Even in warm conditions is not excessively sweaty and that is from someone who sweats profusely.
on 8 August 2014
Found this item very good, better than previous similar supports.I'm big guy but the velcro holds well. does the job its intended for.

on 24 October 2014
Have a permanent slipped disc and putting this on is such a relief, good support. Would highly recommend it.
on 8 July 2014
I have brought this as a gift for my girlfriend. She is a nurse and has recently started to get back pains. Since wearing the back support belt it has helped a lot. She doesn't get any pains at all. I strongly recommend this product to everyone with lower back problems.