Arm Slings

We offer adult and children's sizes, all feature an extra deep arm pocket and include a functional thumb loop.  

a) Made from a brushed 1-way stretch polyamide in various colour trims.
b) Made from a Polyester spacer fabric in (black, blue, lime, pink).

ADULT ARM SLING with an added mobile phone pocket (black, blue, lime, pink)
made from a Polyester spacer fabric

ANTI NECK-ACHE ARM SLING with an added sleeve component
Sleeve fits onto the opposite arm and removes the pressure of the neck strap from the side of the neck. The sleeve can be bought seperately and used with any arm sling. It is especially beneficial when the arm or hand is in a heavy cast and when there is arthritis in the neck or for those on blood-thinning drugs or when any weight on the neck can pose risk.