Arm Sling Anti Neckache CHILD ONE SIZE by 4DflexiSPORT

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Child arm sling, EASY ONE SIZE FIT 4-10yrs old anti neck ache design, featuring a unique arm sleeve designed to prevent neck pain in vulnerable young necks.

Offers secure support for the arm and greater support at the shoulder thanks to the extra deep sling pocket and fleecy thumb loop. Fleecy thumb loop supports the hand in the best alignment with the arm and shoulder.

A soft, light breathable brushed polyester arm pocket delivers secure play-safe comfort and support. 

The easy-to-fit sleeve fits onto the opposite arm and loops through the neck strap taking pressure away from vulnerable neck areas and preventing the neck strap from cutting in at the side of the neck.

Use for conditions where the arm needs to be fully supported, including a broken collarbone and when the arm is in a plaster cast.

Size ranges from 4yrs to 10yrs. See dimensions image.

✔Available with a range of bright colour trims
✔Soft spongy neck strap
✔Neck strap can also be trimmed to shorten
Holds the arm at any level
Reversible right or left fit
40° wash / fast dry
Quality British made

Each sling comes with a happy healing sticker!

Our NHS Ethics approved hospital study found that wearing a conventional sling caused neck pain after only four days. This is due to the neck strap carrying the full weight of the arm and placing it on one small area at the side of the neck. It is in this area the five nerves of the Brachial Plexus run as they track their way from the head down into the arms. Neck muscles are also vulnerable, and more especially if the arm is held in a plaster-cast. 

Registered with Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). 

Always consult your doctor when you suspect a fracture.

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