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Very quickly, and it's amazing! I broke my back 2 years ago and am still in a wheelchair as I have a lame right side but I could feel a difference as soon as I put it on. Have been wearing an old belt from a few years ago but this equibelt is just amazing.

It will definitely help me to ride longer than the 1/2hour I can manage at the moment before I feel uncomfortable! I have a qualifying round for the RDA championship in May and it will definitely help! I can definitely try other disciplines now instead of just dressage!

Thank you Regards Sandra

Donna Marie
Absolutely love mine
I broke my T12 ten years ago and it really eases the pain 💯 recommend to anyone 👌

Fast delivery
Emmie Bouzida (FB)
Mine arrived this morning , thank you for super fast delivery. I’ve been wearing it since 11am and I can’t believe the difference it’s made. My pain is already halved and my SI and hips feel fully supported. Looking forward to feeling the difference when in the saddle. So far very impressed.

Bursitis pain
Gemma Orton
I've struggled with Bursitis for years and was at the end of my tether when I thought I'd try this rider belt. It really helps in supporting my hips and lower back. I wouldn't dream of riding without it.

4DflexiSPORT replied:
That's great news Gemma.

Works for me
Rosemary Pilkington
I suffer with sciatica from time to time and as soon as I feel a twinge I'm straight into the belt. It really works for me and within a matter of hours my discomfort settles down. It's made such a difference to my life and I'm so pleased I discovered this belt.

4DflexiSPORT replied:
Great news!! Did you know that sciatic nerve starts in the lower back and goes all the way down the back of the leg into the foot. sciatica is a common condition and more often starts in the lower back.

Great Support
Sarah Burgess
After wearing the belt my coach says my posture is much better and my position in the saddle is stronger. After having backache on and off for years I use the belt when lifting and bending to keep my back safe and it gives me the confidence to crack on with my day.

4DflexiSPORT replied:
Using the EquiBelt to avoid painful bouts is a great approach.

Sophie Golding
I have spondylolisthesis where the spinal vertebrae slip forward over one another. This belt is really light and easy to wear and gives me the support I need to manage my condition and enjoy my riding. The quality is great and it washes well. Would recommend to anyone with lower back issues.

4DflexiSPORT replied:
Great to know it works for spondylolisthesis.
All the best.

Life saver
This belt has been a lifesaver for me. I have degeneration of the discs at L4 & L5 and thought I'd have to give up riding. From the moment I started wearing the belt the pain eased and I could feel the difference. I also wear it for mucking out and around the yard and for driving. Even forget I've got it on.

4DflexiSPORT replied:
Great news Lucy, pleased it helps.

Absolutley love mine
I broke my T12, ten years ago and it really eases the pain. 100% recommend to anyone.

4DflexiSPORT replied:
Another learning result for us. T12 is above the level of the belt and I'm guessing you're finding pain relief because the belt is stabilising the structures below it. Interesting.

Kate Johnson
I’ve had my Equi belt for about 2/3 weeks now and the difference it make to my back pain is amazing. I wear it as soon as I get to the yard. Do all my jobs and ride with it on. What a difference it makes to me. Wish I’d have bought one sooner. Worth every penny.

4DflexiSPORT replied:
Thank you so much for your lovely review Kate, We are thrilled and delighted that you feel the benefits. Your feedback goes a long way in motivating our little team.
With best wishes Barbara.

Well worth the money
Christine Reddihough
I have one of these and it helps to make me sit up and ease’s my lower back pain. I think it was worth the money.

4DflexiSPORT replied:
Pleased you like your EquiBelt :))

Use it for driving
Carolyn Day
I've just bought one, using it for driving too, my back is so much better.

Made such a difference!
Liz Twite
Wore mine to ride in today and made such a difference! No backache and really made me sit up as I normally slouch 🙂

Definitely felt the benefit
Jane Boyd
Been wearing mine for about a week and have definitely felt the benefit (the hourglass figure is an additional bonus) 😉

I've already felt the benefit
Sheryle Bateman
Well I received my belt yesterday. This morning I've already felt the benefit of it. Warmth to my back etc and support like no other. Hopefully my knees will feel better as my posture improves 🙏brilliant top job 👏👏

This is really comfortable, especially as it is doesn't contain neoprene. I find neoprene to be very irritating to my skin, so this is such a relief to use. It has double adjustability as it comes with two sets of straps and also has plastic stays which are very supportive and don't dig in. I bend and lift regularly and this has really helped. The company is great too.

Great tool and support in one
Ruth McCorkindale
Very comfortable and excellent support whilst riding, keeps the neutral spine perfectly and really helps me stay focused with my core . Great tool and support in one

Great customer service
Jo Pocklington
My Equibelt arrived this morning.
I shall be wearing it today. This is my first day back on the yard after 3 weeks recovering from an unexpected back injury.
I am so grateful to you for listening and understanding my predicament. You made the whole process go smoothly with your expertise and empathy.
Again fantastic customer service. Please use this as a review for your company if you wish.
I will definitely be coming back and recommending you.
Best wishes
Jo x

Wear it each time I ride
Claire Manville
A great lumbar support wear it each time I ride.

4DflexiSPORT replied
Great for wearing even when you're not riding.
Best wishes

Great tool and support in one
Ruth McCorkindale
Very comfortable and excellent support whilst riding, keeps the neutral spine perfectly and really helps me stay focused with my core. Great tool and support in one.
Ruth McCorkindale

4DflexiSPORT replied
Great that found dual benefit.
All the best Barbara

It truly makes all the difference
Love this I wear it everyday has def helped me.
Patricia Davie

4DflexiSPORT replied
Delighted you like your belt.

I want to say how brilliant this belt is and give it 5 stars.
Kath Hartley
I have been wearing the EquiBelt for stable duties and riding and it gives excellent support. I broke my back last year and have long term spine issues as a result. It takes away the pain I suffer from these activities.

4DflexiSPORT replied
Thank you Kath I'm thrilled to hear that the EquiBelt is helping you and have passed your feedback onto our sewing ladies. Your positive review goes a long way to motivating our team.
All the best


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