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EquiBelt combines medical and rider expertise in creating a belt specially designed to improve rider posture.

A lower back belt that feels like a second skin thanks to the use of innovative recycled woven fabrics unique and exclusive to the 4DflexiSPORT brand - and an airflow, sweat-free alternative to Neoprene belts.

EquiBelt works by supporting the two sacroiliac joints and Pubic Symphysis joint firmly for improved pelvic stability. And also, by increasing circumferential intra-abdominal pressure at the lumbar spine area, the belt supports both from the inside and at the outside. Its sweatless airflow warmth encourages blood flow through the muscles to help avoid spasms, stiffness, and back pain.


✔ Wearing EquiBelt whilst riding improves posture and riding position.

✔ After a back injury as part of a rehabilitation program.

✔  Ideal for wearing when driving and for stable yard work.

✔ Easing acute (fast onset) lower back pain and reducing future bouts (chronic).

✔ Alleviating and preventing sciatic nerve pain episodes.

✔ Preventing unwanted over-twisting and shearing in the lower back.

✔ Giving the rider a sense of position in the saddle (bio-feedback).

✔ Improving rider position may also help reduce the incidence of back problems in your horse.


  • Extra-depth at the front encourages a more upright position in the saddle.
  • Added width on the elastic hip-pulls provides greater stability in the pelvis
  • Custom tension control elastic hip pulls - featuring the 4DflexiSPORT motif are made using woven knit technology with lower rubber content for improved breathability, and serveing to further compliment the unique airflow base fabric of the belt. 
  • International Sports Council compliant. Use of plastic stays instead of metal coated with plastic ensures safety during high-impact sports such as riding and skiing.
  • Extra stays have been added at the sides to discourage collapsing inwards when riding a circle.
  • Can be worn next to skin without irritation or over clothing and thanks to its low profile construction fits neatly under a back protector or fitted jacket.
  • Quality genuine VELCRO® Brand fastener is used on the front closure and on the side elastic pulls.
  • Airport security friendly since no metal parts are used. 
  • Easy machine washable at 30 or 40 degrees, air dries fast or can be tumble dried.
    NOTE: When washing, place in a net laundry bag to prevent the VELCRO® Brand fastener hook parts from damaging other items of clothing. This will also extend the life of the Velcro.
  • Extremely light in weight, delivering powerful robust support, carefully sewn and built to last....so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

✔ SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Research confirms that fear of moving during painful bouts prevents activity. Wearing your EquiBelt serves to encourage movement giving you the confidence to get on with life.

CAUTION: As with all types of belt worn around the abdomen, loosen off when sitting and when eating. Can be worn at night in bed but must not be overly tightened.

Always seek medical advice for severe or persistent back pain.

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