Want To Improve Your Riding Position and Ease Lower Back Pain?

4DflexiSPORT has used combined medical and rider expertise to create a belt specially designed for riders.

As well as improving your riding position EquiBelt can help with existing back pain and potentially prevent future painful bouts. 

Our EquiBelt differs from other belts and uses a sculpted design to maintain position preventing it from being pushed up when legs are raised in the riding position. Extra belt depth pulls the tummy in, and wide elastic side pulls contour the hips for pelvic stability and effective lower back support;

Overheating is kept to a minimum thanks to the use of unique airflow fabrics, exclusive to the 4DflexiSPORT brand, and warm muscles without the sweatiness of other similar belts, keeping them supple and free from painful spasms. Integrated plastic stays gently flex with movement and offer safe powerful support. 

 And the belts are handmade here made in Britain too!  


Ten years collaboration with the Harley Street Spine Clinic and riding professionals has produced this highly effective lumbar support belt.

EquiBelt works by pulling the tummy in, and in medical terms, uses circumferential intra-abdominal pressure to push [your insides] against the lower back from the inside whilst also supporting your back on the outside. This is, in principal, how belts of this nature work. 

Our Equibelt also offers a light slimline fit using airflow breathable fabrics, unique and exclusive to the 4DflexiSPORT brand. The advantage of this is warming muscles without sweatiness, keeping them supple and free from painful spasms. 

Plus of course, comfort. Our riders say they forget they've got a belt on!

Specially designed for horse riders

Extra-depth at the front and sculpted at sides
Holds the belly in for a more upright position in the saddle. Sculpted to avoid being pushed up when legs are in the riding position. 

Side stays offer extra reinforcement 
For a stronger core and a more balanced position in the saddle.

Custom tension control 
Easy tension adjustment, allows you to choose the level of support that best suits you.

Extra-wide tension control hip-pulls 
Designed to support the pelvic area evenly providing stability and a quieter stronger seat.
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Benefits of the EquiBelt


Provides a sense of position in the saddle through biofeedback. Encourages engagement of core muscles and strengthens rider posture and position in the saddle.


Our woven Polyester fabrics offer unique non-sweat comfort whilst delivering powerful, effective support.

Since Polyester is commonly used in clothing it is unlikely to cause irritation so your belt can be worn directly on the skin. And thanks to its low profile, it fits neatly under a back protector or a fitted jacket and, if preferred, over clothing. Whenever you wear garments underneath, keep in mind that they may slide up, so remember to tuck in before fitting your belt.

Plastic stays ensure compliance and accreditation with the International Sports Council, allowing it to be worn in competitions..


Research confirms that fear of moving during painful bouts prevents activity. Wearing the EquiBelt serves to encourage movement in the correct way preventing unwanted over-twisting and shearing in the lower back.

It has been shown to alleviate and prevent sciatic nerve pain episodes and can be worn after a back injury as part as a rehabilitation programme.

The science

The EquiBelt covers from L1 to L5 of the lumbar spine. Its extra deep front closure fit, when tensioned, holds the tummy in increasing circumferential intra-abdominal pressure at the lower spine area internally as well as from the outside.

Both sacroiliac joints and the pubic symphysis joint are firmly supported for improved pelvic stability.

Airflow warmth is generated encouraging blood and nerve flow through the muscles avoiding spasming and relieving back pain, sciatica and stiffness.

Can be worn at night in bed but must not be overly tightened.

CAUTION: In common with all belts worn around the abdomen, loosen off when sitting and when eating.

Always seek medical advice for severe or persistent back pain.

Suitable for


Provided your Bursitis in not due to an infection then supporting the groin and surrounding muscles, using the EquiBelt would relieve the ache and help prevent further damage to the Bursa. It is also more comfortable to sleep with a pillow between your knees. Aligning the body can both prevent and treat this condition.


Sacroiliitis causes pain at the base of the spine and often more on one side than the other. The support needed is around the hips and thanks to the contouring fit of the EquiBelt it extends down over this area. It's shaped design means that it is not pushed up by upper leg action when riding.

Fibromyalgia - base of spine, pelvis and hip

The EquiBelt provides pain relief in the region it covers. Since Fibromyalgia presents as a shooting pain in various areas of the body it may not be effective for pain in the upper body.


Spondylolisthesis is a condition where spinal vertebrae slip forward over one another. This is often caused when the crack of a pars fracture (spondylolysis) affects both sides of connection between the lamina and pedicles. Support should be used carefully without over-straightening as this may cause the disc to be squeezed putting pressure on the nerve. Find a comfortable position and use the EquiBelt to maintain that position. Ensure the tension of the belt is enough to stabilise the pelvis but not drastically affect posture. This will go a long way to preventing muscle spasm. The important thing is not to try to improve posture but to maintain it.

What people say about us

Great Tool And Support In One.

Very comfortable and excellent support whilst riding, keeps the neutral spine perfectly and really helps me stay focused with my core. Great tool and support in one.

Ruth McCorkindale 

Website review

Great Support

A great lumbar support, wear it each time I ride.

Claire Manville 

Website review

Really Comfortable

This is really comfortable, especially as it doesn't contain Neoprene. It has double adjustability and plastic stays which are very supportive and don't dig in. I bend and lift regularly and this has really helped. The company is great too.


Website review

Excellent Support For Stable Duties And Riding

I want to say how brilliant this belt is and give it 5 stars..
I have been wearing the EquiBelt for stable duties and riding and it gives excellent support. I broke my back last year and have long term spine issues as a result. It takes away the pain I suffer from these activities.

Kath Hartley

Website review

Makes All The Difference

It truly made all the difference.
Love this I wear it every day, has definitely helped me.

Patricia Davie

Website review

Want to speak with someone call 07968510452 

The EquiBelt


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horse rider equibelt
horse rider back belt
horse rider equibelt size chart in inches. waist 23-27 UK size S. 28-34 UK size M. 35-39 UK size L. 40-48 UK size 20+ XL
lumbar belt on showjumper
 rider wearing back support belt
rider wearing back support belt, back view
rider wearing EquiBelt back support belt
side view of rider wearing back support belt
correct way to lift
The EquiBelt
horse rider equibelt
horse rider back belt
horse rider equibelt size chart in inches. waist 23-27 UK size S. 28-34 UK size M. 35-39 UK size L. 40-48 UK size 20+ XL
lumbar belt on showjumper
 rider wearing back support belt
rider wearing back support belt, back view
rider wearing EquiBelt back support belt
side view of rider wearing back support belt
correct way to lift
The EquiBelt

Got a question?

  1. Has this been assessed by Orthopaedics or physio?
    As with all of our products, the belt has been designed in conjunction with The Harley Street Spine Clinic, Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Ian Bayley and a team of independent physiotherapists as well as professional riders.
  2. Will it work for me?
    We're all familiar with the effects that sudden explosive movement can have. And with horse riding there's always plenty of heavy lifting work. 

    Wearing the EquiBelt when lifting and twisting is benificial whether you have back issues or not. For specific ailments wearing a belt will go a long way to relieving pain and also provides greater independence.

  3. What size will I need?
    Please refer to our Size Guide for sizing. The EquiBelt runs true to UK standard sizing, but if in doubt go the next size up. 
  4. Is it easy to fit?
    EquiBelt is even easier than putting on a headcollar. A few simple moves and you're good to go. Take a look at the diagram and see for yourself...
  5. How long does delivery take, and how much will it cost me?
    All orders are dispatched straightaway on a tracked service through Royal Mail and take approximately 2-3 working days to arrive. Delivery is usually free however, if postage was applied the charge it would be around £5.00.
  6. Can I wash the EquiBelt?
    Yes, the EquiBelt is to launder and machine washable at 30 or 40 degrees. It air dries fast or can also be tumble dried.
    The belt has VELCRO® Brand fastener hook parts so remember to place it in a net laundry bag. This will prevent damage to other items being washed with it and will also extend the life of the Velcro parts.
  7. Where is the EquiBelt made?
    We are proud to say we manufacture the EquiBelt here in Great Britain at our facility near Grantham in Lincolnshire. 
  8. Can I exchange it?
    Yes of course, you can either exchange the EquiBelt for another size or for a different product entirely (may be subject to additional cost if the item is more expensive).

    Simply post the belt back including your name and order number and a short message telling us what size you'd like instead. 

    All orders are confirmed by email therefore it is easy for you to find your order details.
  9. What happens if I don't like it?
    Simply send it back for a refund. We would respectfully ask you to include a little note with your name and order number so that we can identify your order. No reason is necessary but any feedback is always welcome.