Tina's Story

Tina chose to have her fracture plated and was advised by her surgeon to stay in an arm sling for eight weeks. With pressure from horse owners to compete and a business to run, she wore ClaviBrace and upperarm gaiter combination and competed three horses safely, four weeks sooner than would normally have been possible.

Wearing the combination ensured that her collarbone, not only broken but made fragile, with eight screws inserted to hold the plate, gave Tina the confidence and security to compete sooner.

 Tina Canton 

Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship,
UKCC Level 3, Centre 10 Adv Coach, Challenge Awards Trainer
Professional Event Rider & Coach

Lecturer Nottingham Trent University

Owner of Tinderbox Sport Horses

Tina has run Tinderbox Sport Horses, from her base near Newark for the last 28 years. She is a highly qualified coach (BHSI), eventing up to three-star level. 

Her role as university lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, has instilled the importance of innovation and the rigorous research needed to back up new design. 

Her talent in post breaking, training and preparation for young horse classes is matched by her enthusiasm for teaching and is the stimulus behind her involvement in developing innovative products for both horse and rider. 

British Eventing Results

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