ClaviBrace® Versus SURGERY

ClaviBrace® V SURGERY




High chance of union

High chance of union

Faster healing and return to sport

Slower return to sport

Naturally expands a shortened collarbone to maintain original length

Uses a metal plate to maintain original length

No scar


Pain relief - minimal use of pain medication, no antibiotics

Medication and antibiotics

Possibility of resistance to wearing a close contact brace

Possibility of plate rejection or failure

Stronger mending, less chance of complications if broken again

Risk of future impact causing a more difficult to treat fracture at one or either end of the plate

No need for general anaesthetic and potential side effects

Potential for rupturing blood vessel and bleed into the chest cavity (minimal risk)

No hospital stay - no risk of contracting infection

Possible infection into the chest cavity (minimal risk)

No need for surgery to remove the metal plate

Surgery to remove a metal plate and further convalescence 

Ability to get on with life during convalescence

6-8wks convalescence and potentially disrupting the plate