Face Mask, SINGLE Layer, Washable, Reusable by 4DflexiSPORT

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A SINGLE woven layer face mask offers higher wearer protection and a better fit than regular paper masks. Suitable for all-day wear.

Comprises a woven fabric layer with a vapour resistant filament providing a maze of easy to breathe protection against airborne viruses. Does not have the tie-backs of our other masks.


  • Machine or hand washable (30 or 40 degrees) and reusable almost indefinitely.

  • An easy one-size fit and suitable for large and small face sizes and shapes.

  • Glasses don't mist up - a metal strip seals down over the nose area and also prevents the risk of eye problems due to warm breath blowing into the eyes - proving that vapour particles, potentially containing viruses are not escaping or entering the mask.

  • 3D moulded structure keeps the mask away from nostrils and lips ensuring,
    - easy clear speech.
    - a non-claustrophobic fit.
    - For the ladies, it doesn't smudge your lipstick!

  • The mask seals around the face - unlike throwaways that have gaps at the sides.

  • Our masks have been medically tested and assessed by a panel of advisors including a Professor and virology specialist. The result of which was published in a medical journal at the start of the pandemic. (See below)

  • Elastic ear loops are soft and gentle on the ears but doers not have the tie-back tapes of our other masks.

  • The mask fabric is of a woven construction which makes it easy to breathe through but difficult for an airborne virus to get through. This provides both protection for the wearer AND for others around.

  • Due to the design of this mask, it can be donned and doffed quickly and easily and is virtually impossible to fit incorrectly.

  • Importantly, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear all day. 
  • The design and construction follow the latest face-covering science for avoiding infection.

Our masks were tested by Professor Ian Swain of Bournemouth University where he compared the 4DflexiSPORT face mask against a range of others including, the FFP2 used by the NHS. His analysis found that our mask provided significantly better protection. His findings were published in the Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology.

News articles and the science behind wearing a face mask ... learn more.


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