The Rider Gilet by 4DflexiSPORT

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Measured as instructed but very tight and uncomfortable if I had correct size it would be great very pricey

Lynn Eldrett

My instructor recommended I buy the 4DflexiSport gilet for riding and I find it really improves my posture and confidence when riding. I've also been wearing it for heavy gardening and it's helping prevent back strain. Also gives you a fabulous shape 😀

Susie Kevern
Best decision I’ve made in a long time

The rider gilet has transformed my daughter’s riding. At only 14 she has grown very fast and lacks the core strength to ride effectively. The gilet supports her to keep her posture tall and not load her weight onto the horses shoulders.

The result has been amazing: the horse is going forward like never before and jumping freely and as a combination they are back to enjoying riding. The hi-viz cross on the back makes it clear to see when she is sitting straight.

I can see that the gilet is speeding up learning and building core strength and I think it will save my a lot of money in coaching and entry fees for abandoned rounds. I wish I had bought one earlier!