Lumbar Back Support Belt (NO STAYS) 4DflexiSPORT

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Lumbar belt, without stays, ideal flexible support for gardeners using our unique highly breathable technical fabrics.

Warms and supports lower back muscles without sweatiness. Accredited by The Spine Plus Clinic, Harley Street, London and International Sports Council Compliant.

Free-from high rubber content materials such as Neoprene and Latex.

✔LIGHT ✔Hypoallergenic ✔BREATHABLE ✔HYGIENIC ✔NON TOXIC ✔Delivers airflow cooling with non-sweat warmth ✔Suitable for sensitive skin - DOES NOT interfere with skin nerve flow ✔Avoids risk of rash ✔A SUPERIOR ODOURLESS ALTERNATIVE to NEOPRENE products.

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  • Wraparound front closure belt - improving posture - activating and recruiting core muscles for safer bending and lifting
  • Airflow stretch dual hip pulls - stabilising hips to strengthen spine and shoulders
  • Helps avoid unwanted twisting in the lumbar area
  • Does not irritate skin or numb surface nerves and can be worn safely under or over clothing
  • Quick easy-fit, strong or light support as required


  • When your back is placed under unaccustomed strain to reduce unwanted twisting of the spine and during repetitive bending and lifting i.e. lifestyle/sporting activities
  • Where there's a history of lower back pain - reducing the incidence of back pain and downtime
  • Can be worn prior to, during and after rigorous activity - warms lower back muscles preventing stiffening and muscle spasm.
  • To ease backache during periods of inactivity i.e. illness, injury and for controlled feel safe support during rehabilitation
  • Improves bad posture and instils good posture habit
  • Ideal for arthritis, sciatica sufferers etc
  • When standing for long periods
  • Safe for wear during sports where belts with metal stays may be unsafe i.e. running, cycling, racket sports etc


  • During periods of acute pain, easing muscles spasm and relieving pain
  • Arthritis in the lower spine, herniated disc, sciatica and lumbar pain
  • Use for reducing the incidence of back problems and downtime
  • May help prevent the onset of sciatica and is known to alleviate sciatic nerve pain
  • Provides moderate support with flexion or the feeling of being trussed up and can be worn daily without the risk of dependency


Pain can be 'ACUTE' - sudden strong onset OR 'CHRONIC' - intermittent over a long period of time. Wearing your belt can help you get through those painful periods. The more back pain you have the more frequently you'll want to use support.

  • Loosen any form of support belt when sitting and eating
  • Do not wear bracing continuously long term without medical supervision
  • Always seek medical advice for severe or persistent pain


  • Unisex wraparound with front VELCRO® Brand fastener closure
  • Dual hip pulls offer secondary tightening and easy loosening for sitting
  • 4 colourway combinations – Black/black trim, Lime/black trim, Blue/black trim and Red/black trim
  • Easy machine wash and fast dry
  • Quality manufactured in Britain

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Rampling
Takes the strain out of gardening

A great boon for gardeners with dodgy backs. Wearing it immediately brought relief.

Stephen Holmes

The lumbar belt is very comfortable.