Anti Neckache SLEEVE ONLY by 4DflexiSPORT®

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A one-size sleeve designed for an adult or child to prevent any type of strap that is worn around the neck from causing neck pain.

The easy-to-fit sleeve fits onto the opposite upper arm and loops through the neck strap drawing weight away and preventing the neck strap from cutting in at the side of the neck. UNISEX.

Ideal for use with an arm sling, camera or laptop neck strap and importantly, removes pressure from Brachial nerves that run down either side of the neck.

Particularly effective when the arm or wrist is held in a heavy cast. And crucially, when blood-thinning drugs have been prescribed or when there is arthritis in the neck.


Our NHS Ethics approved hospital study found that wearing a conventional sling caused neck pain and discomfort after only four days of wear. 

Can be fitted single-handed and unaided

  • Easy-fit adjustable sleeve with VELCRO® Brand fastener closure
  • Spreads weight evenly across the shoulders and away from sensitive nerves
  • Can be worn on bare skin or over clothes
  • Fits right or left arm
  • Made from light airflow breathable NON SWEAT fabrics

CE compliant and registered with Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Quality British made.


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