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EquiBelt is designed for horse riders to improve posture and pelvic stability. 

Refreshingly comfortable, combining expert medical and rider advice with innovative woven polyester fabric technology - exclusive to 4DflexiSPORT - and delivering a powerful lumbar back support without the sweatiness of other similar products. 

EquiBelt supports the lower back and provides stability in the pelvis, holding the two sacroiliac joints and Pubic Symphysis joint firmly. Also increases circumferential intra-abdominal pressure to support the lumbar spine from the inside.


✔ To improve posture and increase core strength.

✔ Wear around the yard for everyday tasks. 

✔ To ease acute (fast onset) lower back pain and to reduce chronic bouts.

✔ Alleviate sciatic nerve pain.

✔ Prevent unwanted twisting and shearing.

✔ Gives the rider a sense of their position in the saddle (bio-feedback).

✔ Wearing the belt when riding may also help reduce back problems in your horse.


  • Low profile wide fitting belt with side-pull custom tensioning (made using low rubber content knitted fibres for enhanced breathability.
  • Suitable for the male and female shape.
  • Can be worn under or over clothing and fits under a back protector or fitted jacket.
  • International Sports Council compliant - safe for high-impact sports due to the use of high-tensile plastic stays (traditional belts use metal with a plastic coating).
  • Odourless.
  • Provides a superior less sweaty alternative to products made of Neoprene or Latex.
  • Quality genuine VELCRO® Brand fastener, front closure.
  • Airport security friendly.
  • Easy machine washable/fast dry.
  • Features the 4DflexiSPORT motif on the hip pull.

...so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

* With all belts worn around the abdomen, loosen when sitting and at mealtimes. Can be worn at bedtime but must not be overtightened.

    ✔ SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Research confirms that fear of moving during painful bouts prevents activity. This POWERFUL BELT encourages movement giving you the confidence to get on with life.

    Always seek medical advice for severe or persistent back pain.


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