ClaviBrace® Broken Collarbone Gilet Brace (PATENTED)

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ClaviBrace® is styled as an attractive gilet and completely removes the pain of a broken collarbone within minutes. It offers a safe non-surgical treatment for all severity of fracture.


Ten years of working with icons of shoulder surgery has produced an advanced brace that delivers instant shoulder stability, pain relief and a significant improvement in healing time without surgery.

Badly displaced and non-union (failure of the broken bone to unite/join together)can be resolved. Nerves are protected, risk of nerve damage eliminated and future shoulder strength can be preserved.

Leaving A&E in a collar and cuff sling or a muslin triangle bandage is commonplace, neither of which realign or lengthen a displaced and/or shortened collarbone. Both represent a random benign approach which often results in an unstable, weakened shoulder and a life left compromised.

ClaviBrace® treatment - What's involved?

1. First we need to see *your X-Ray (by email or WhatsApp). This is then sent to our surgeon led team for advice.

2.  Fitting your ClaviBrace is very straightforward but must be down under medical supervision.

 3. If your collarbone is badly displaced, comminuted or shortened we will need to manipulate the fracture before ClaviBrace is fitted. Once this is done ClaviBrace can hold the bone in the best position for healing. 

This is not a painful process, in fact it stops pain within minutes and provides welcome relief.

This is all part of the fitting service we offer and our surgeon led team is made up of medically qualified individuals each affiliated to our brace fitting program. 

*If you don't have a copy of your X-Ray we can arrange for one to be carried out. There will be an additional fee for this.

Ongoing research is proving that ClaviBrace® can treat all types of collarbone break without the risks associated with plating surgery. Despite clinical data supporting its use ClaviBrace® is not yet readily available through our NHS as yet, although it is available through private healthcare.

Harley Street Spine Plus Clinic manager, David Papamichael explains, "ClaviBrace® is an exciting innovation" READ MORE...




ClaviBrace® wins a Da Vinci award, Nominated by world famous surgeon  Professor Angus Wallace 


BENEFITS over surgery:

  • Freedom from pain as soon as ClaviBrace is fitted - No need for pain killers


  • Faster stronger healing

  • Less down-time, faster return to normal life and/or sport

  • No general anesthetic and related side effects

  • No need for antibiotics

  • No hospital stay and therefore no risk of contracting hospital related bugs

  • Without surgery, there are no risk of infection or bleeds into the chest cavity

  • No need for further surgery to remove a metal plate, which can represent a further 6 weeks in an arm sling and up to a year for screw holes to fully harden

  • Eliminates risk of the metal plate severing the carotid artery (main blood-flow to the brain) through future impact

  • No risk of future impact causing fracture to the bone at either end of the plate which is likely to be more difficult to treat

  • Eliminates risk of plate failure

  • Greater independence, confidence the ability to get on with life

HOW ClaviBrace® WORKS

  • The only brace specifically designed to hold a broken collarbone in place

  • Does not ride up and maintains constant shoulder support

  • Does not cut in at the underarms or interfere with blood supply to the arms

  • Does not bear down on the fracture in the way the traditional figure of eight splint does

  • Preventing rotation in the shoulder and risk of malunion (badly joining of the two broken ends)

  • STOPS EXCRUCIATING NERVE PAIN - lifts the broken bone ends up and away from underlying nerves preventing nerve impingement and risk of damage

  • Quickly stabilises the fracture, holding it in the best position for healing

  • Avoids shortening and reduces the fracture to its original length

  • Delivering an ideal healing environment for faster calcification (bone hardening)

  • Can also be used to stabilise and treat a broken shoulder blade (scapula fracture)


Our NHS Ethics committee approved hospital study found that wearing a conventional arm sling causes neck pain and the potential of nerve damage after only four days of wear. Our anti neck pain arm sling avoids this risk and offers greater comfort.

ClaviBrace® treatment should not be confused with a figure of eight splint. A Canadian study revealed that the traditional 'figure of eight splint', does little or nothing to resolve a broken collarbone and causes more discomfort as straps bear down on the broken bone and cut-up at the back of the neck.

    ClaviBrace® is registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). CE compliant. Quality British made.


    The gaiter - developed by top shoulder surgeon Mr Ian Bayley - attaches to the inside of the gilet and is designed to restrict potentially damaging extremes of movement.


    • Technical bracing components have been cleverly integrated into a gilet style garment specifically designed to remove any perceived stigma about wearing a medical brace

    • Airflow breathable fabrics allow the gilet to be worn continuously without overheating or discomfort

    • Chest pockets also double-up as a 'Nelson' style sling

    Many choose the comfort of an arm sling in the first week whilst muscles recover and then adopt an arm extension and pocket sling. 

    Our Gilet and arm extension combination helped International event rider Tina Canton get back to competition four weeks earlier than would ordinarily have been possible.

    Horse and Hound - Tina back competing with three horses at Buckminster Horse Trails, a record four weeks after badly smashing her collarbone.


    • For those who opt for plating surgery, using the gilet with an arm extension as part of their rehabilitation, can provide a vital safeguard as well as peace of mind confidence

    • ClaviBrace® provides pain relief - if pain relief is required use Paracetamol. Avoid Ibuprofen as it inhibits new bone formation 

    • Keep the plated side arm close to the waist and avoid reaching backwards when dressing. Any extremes of movement causes the collarbone to rotate and can disrupt the metal plate

        TO BOOK YOUR ClaviBrace® FITTING APPOINTMENT CALL Angel Med on 01476 516200

        Affiliated Fitting Centres,


        • Slimline close-contact gilet design with integrated plastic stays front and back.

        • Integrated shoulder retraction straps with tension control buckle fastening to the front

        • 4-way super stretch side panels offer generous expansion for both the male and female shape

        • Dual elastic hip-pulls - fasten onto front panels, stabilising hips and supporting the lower back

        • Integrated plastic stays, front and back, lift the diaphragm/rib-cage, align spine and promote recruitment of core muscles

        • Specially molded components improve shoulder position

        • An elasticated internal cumberband - similar to a ski jacket further holds the gilet in place

        • Strong chunky zip

        • Includes an anti neck pain extra deep arm sling

        Musculoskeletal info

        Shoulders blades (Scapula) have very few mechanoreceptors (the means by which the brain can understand and detect their position). With a broken collarbone the shoulder can droop forward, throwing the shoulder blade out in an unnatural position. This can adversely affect surrounding muscles with long-term consequences such as, 

        Scapular Dyskinesis

        By wearing a ClaviBrace® the collarbone is fully supported and any risk of developing abnormal muscle patterning is unlikely.

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