ClaviBrace® Broken Collarbone, Clavicle Gilet Brace

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ClaviBrace® is a surgeon led treatment for all severity of broken collarbone [Clavicle fracture] winning a Da Vinci award for a medical breakthrough for the treatment of collarbone fractures.

Ten years of studies confirms that ClaviBrace® can bring a displaced collarbone back into anatomical alignment and eliminate the need for surgery. 

Due to COVID-19 surgery to plate a broken collarbone may be delayed. No matter how simple or serious your fracture is please contact us today on 07525 067 060 for an expert opinion.

Pain relief after fitting your ClaviBrace is instant and muscle spasm in the shoulder girdle, as a result of the injury, is removed thereby allowing the fracture to reduce i.e. 'open out'. Shoulders are fully supported and any risk of rotation at the fracture site is avoided. Any  future shoulder complications.



Where the break has shortened [overlapping], by wearing a ClaviBrace the fracture can be reduced and original length maintained Prof Wallace video. 

We have two collarbones, both important little bones and they play a vital role in the correct function of the shoulder. A broken collarbone, if left to heal in a shortened position, can result in reduced range of arm movement, future shoulder weakness and serious chronic malfunction.

Many arriving in A&E after breaking a collarbone could be forgiven for thinking, and wrongly so, that it is an insignificant injury and leave in a make-shift sling. This is referred to as 'treating the fracture conservatively'. It is important to understand that this is not a treatment and represents a random [hit or miss] benign [do nothing] approach.


ClaviBrace® V SURGERY

All surgery poses risk, however, weighing up risk of surgery against a bad natural outcome has led to a surge in surgical procedures and the idea that surgery is best.

Below are the pro's and con's,



High chance of union

High chance of union

Faster healing and return to sport

Slower return to sport

Naturally expands a shortened collarbone to maintain original length

Uses a metal plate to maintain original length

No scar


Pain relief - minimal use of pain medication, no antibiotics

Medication and antibiotics

Possibility of not wanting to wear a close contact brace

Possibility of plate rejection or failure

Stronger mending, less chance of easy break

Risk of future impact causing a more difficult to treat fracture at one or either end of the plate

No need for general anesthetic and related side effects

Potential for rupturing blood vessel and bleed into the chest cavity

No hospital stay - no risk of contracting infection

Infection into the chest cavity 

No need for surgery to remove a metal plate or further down-time

Potentially surgery to remove a metal plate and further down-time

Greater independence and confidence during convalescence

Anxiety about disrupting the plate  

Ten years working with icons of shoulder surgery ClaviBrace® now represents a significant advance and in almost all cases, the bone will successfully unite [join together]. Nerves are also protected and future shoulder function preserved.

Those who do opt for surgery may want to use ClaviBrace® afterwards to ensure the success of the plate and for providing the confidence to return to sport sooner. 



1. We look at your x-ray if you have one (via email or Whatsapp 07968510452). If you don't have a copy we can arrange for one to be carried out. There may be a charge for doing so. 

2. Fitting your ClaviBrace® is a surprisingly pain-free procedure and is carried out by one of our affiliated medical fitters.

3. If your collarbone is displaced, comminuted [splintered] or shortened, our trained medical fitter or surgeon may need to re-set the bone before applying ClaviBrace®. This can be done using a local anaesthetic.

ClaviBrace® is not routinely available through the NHS but is available through private healthcare.

Harley Street shoulder consultant surgeon Ian Bayley explains, "ClaviBrace® is an exciting innovation"



ClaviBrace® wins a Da Vinci 
for the treatment of collarbone fractures
 Nominated by world famous surgeon Professor Angus Wallace 


HOW ClaviBrace® WORKS

  • It is the only brace specifically designed to hold a broken collarbone in place without bearing down on the fracture

  • Crucially, prevents shortening of the collarbone

  • Does not ride up, maintaining constant shoulder support

  • Does not cut in at the underarms or interfere with blood supply to the arms

  • Prevents rotation of the fracture and subsequent malunion (badly joining of the two broken ends)

  • STOPS EXCRUCIATING NERVE PAIN - lifts the broken bone ends up and away from underlying nerves preventing nerve impingement and risk of nerve damage

  • Quickly stabilises the fracture holding it in the best possible position for healing

  • Reduces disturbance providing an ideal healing environment for faster calcification (bone hardening)

* Can also be used to stabilise and treat a broken shoulder blade [scapula] 

    An ARM SLING is included with ClaviBrace® and is specially designed to prevent pressure at the fracture site and does not cause neck ache.

    Our NHS Ethics committee approved hospital study found that wearing a conventional arm sling causes neck pain and the potential of nerve damage after only four days of wear. A ClaviBrace arm sling avoids this risk and offers greater comfort and support at the shoulder.

    ClaviBrace is not a figure of eight splint

    A Canadian study revealed that the 'figure of eight splint', does nothing to resolve a broken collarbone and cuts in at the back of the neck, bears down on the broken bone and restricts blood-flow to the arms. ClaviBrace® has resolved those problems. 

    Getting back to sport sooner

    A specially designed arm gaiter can be added and prevents extremes of movement likely to disrupt healing. Essentially, providing the confidence for an earlier return to sport and the brainchild of surgeon MR IAN BAYLEY 



    Horse and Hound 
    - Tina back competing with three horses at Buckminster Horse Trails, a record four weeks after badly smashing her collarbone.

    The Gilet and Gaiter combination gave International event rider Tina Canton the confidence to get back to competition only 4 weeks after smashing her collarbone in four places.


    • Technical bracing components have been cleverly integrated into a gilet style garment specifically designed to remove any perceived stigma about wearing a medical brace

    • Airflow breathable fabrics allow the gilet to be worn continuously without overheating or discomfort

    Musculoskeletal info
    Shoulders blades (Scapula) have very few mechanoreceptors (the means by which the brain can understand and detect their position). With a broken collarbone the shoulder can droop forward, throwing the shoulder blade out in an unnatural winging action. This can adversely affect surrounding muscles with long-term consequences such as Scapular Dyskinesis.

    ClaviBrace® is registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). CE compliant and is quality made in Britain.