Deluxe Arm Sling Anti Neckache Collection (Adult/teens) 4DflexiSPORT

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This Deluxe Arm sling is available in small, medium and large sizes, see size guide for your size.

Offers full arm and shoulder support thanks to extra depth at the elbow, and is particularly important when being used for supporting a broken collarbone.


The soft breathable fabric is cooling and the spongy neck strap gentle on the neck.  A functional fleecy thumb loop supports the hand in the best position for arm and shoulder alignment - also stops the sling from slipping back.

* Includes an anti neckache arm sleeve to prevent the neckstrap and the weight of the arm causing pressure and discomfort on the side of the neck.

Machine washable 30-40° / quick dry.

IMPORTANT: Measure from the elbow to the middle of the little finger (pinky) - See chart image. 

USES: For all conditions where the arm needs to be supported i.e broken collarbone (clavicle fracture), broken arm, wrist, elbow, shoulder dislocation.

Manufactured in Britain to the highest standards.


Our NHS Ethics approved hospital study found that wearing a conventional sling caused neck pain after only four days. This is due to the weight of the arm placing pressure on the side of the neck where the Brachial Plexus nerves run as they track their way from the head down into the arms. Neck muscles are also vulnerable to weight pressure especially, if the arm is held in a plaster-cast. 

CE compliant Class 1 Medical Device Registered with the Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Developed in association with London Harley Street practitioners. 

Always consult your doctor when you suspect a fracture.

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