AngelMed is a British manufacturer of medical sports supports products. We use unique highly breathable, non sweat, moisture-wicking performance fabrics, setting us apart from all others in the industry.

Our breathable support products do not ‘stop’ you sweating or from producing moisture, which is a natural response, but facilitate drying to happen quickly. They allow body moisture and vapours to be released preventing overheating, reducing inflammation, discomfort and pain, particularly important when supporting injured areas and arthritic joints.

Top reviews on Amazon suggests buyers love our airflow cooling, non rash products and welcome their comfort and alternative to high rubber content fabrics such as Neoprene.

We also sell to hospitals, schools and medical practices with customer satisfaction at the heart of all we do.


The benefits of using our products,

  • Medically led design
  • Use of light, airflow breathable fabrics
  • Skin friendly, non-sweaty, odourless - bacteria inhibiting - avoids the foul smell of rubber based products
  • Does not interfere with surface nerve flow - our stimulus for healing
  • Hypoallergenic (avoids allergic reaction)
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and long-term wear
  • Warmth without sweat - reducing inflammation and delivering a better healing environment
  • Equal in strength and compression to other orthopaedic support products
  • Non toxic
  • Easy wash and fast dry

      In association with Britain's leading surgeons, London Harley Street Spine Plus Clinic and sports professionals. International Sports Council Compliant. 

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