Wrist Brace 6" Palmar Bar REVERSIBLE GLOVE Style by 4DflexiSPORT®

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Wrist brace glove style, reversible fits either hand, fully adjustable, one-size, with cushioned palm. Unisex.

An integrated flat aluminium bar, under the wrist and a unique plastic stay above, completely immobilises and supports the wrist.

Developed in association with London's Harley Street Medical Centre. Class1 Medical Device Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). CE compliant. Quality British made.


  • Combining an integrated 6inch aluminium 'Palmar' bar under the wrist and hand, with a unique plastic splint above the wrist is sandwiched between allowing any inflammation to settle down

  • Soft cushioning on the palm prevents the metal palmar bar from digging into the hand

  • Due to the entire outside surface of the support being hook receptive this support delivers multiple adhesion points and an easy one-size fit making it suitable for a large or a small hand (12yrs upwards)

  • Allows full finger movement
Made from light highly breathable, NON SWEAT, hypoallergenic - no rash, materials. Does not irritate skin or restrict surface nerve flow and can be worn safely on the most delicate skin. Pioneered, developed and exclusive to us. 
A superior alternative to support made with Neoprene or Latex. 


  • Carpal tunnel syndrome - where the wrist is sore and swollen through repetitive strain
  • Post surgery, to immobilise the wrist 
  • To alleviate the pain of arthritis/osteoarthritis
  • Sprains
  • To strengthen wrist for daily activities, i.e. computer use, lifting, driving, golf, tennis, gardening, etc
  • *Tenosynovitis/tendonitis

*Tendonitis - means inflammation of a tendon. Tendinopathy is a more general term than tendonitis and tendinosis and just means tendon injury, without specifying the type of injury. Tenosynovitis means inflammation of the sheath that surrounds a tendon (the sheath is called the synovium).

The aluminium palmar bar is removable to give some wrist flexion whilst the pplastic splint still serves to provide gentle support.


          • Multi-adjustable, ONE-SIZE fits all
          • Reversible for a RIGHT or LEFT fit
          • Light and discreet 
          • Strong light aluminium splint - can also be shaped to suit condition 
          • Machine washable/fast-dry
          • Quality British made

          Always consult your doctor for prolonged pain or swelling.

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