CHILD CLAVIBRACE Broken Collarbone Brace by ClaviBrace®

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Child broken collarbone/clavicle fracture brace.  Removes pain and provides full-care, play-safe peace of mind.

ClaviBrace® was nominated by top surgeon Professor Angus Wallace and won a Da Vinci award for Medical Breakthrough in 2010. 

Class1 Medical Device Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).


Guarantees pain relief and respite for parents who can expect to be sleep deprived for 2-3 weeks following injury. Prolonged use of analgesics can be carcinogenic in children under the age of 12 years. 

Parents can fit ClaviBrace®although we would recommend fitting is carried out by a trained medical professional.

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HOW ClaviBrace® WORKS

  • The only brace specifically designed to hold a broken collarbone in place

  • Does not ride up and maintains constant shoulder support

  • Does not cut in at the underarms or interfere with blood supply to the arms

  • Does not bear down on the fracture in the way the traditional figure of eight splint does

  • Preventing rotation in the shoulder and risk of malunion (badly joining of the two broken ends)

  • STOPS EXCRUCIATING NERVE PAIN - lifts the broken bone ends up and away from underlying nerves preventing nerve impingement and risk of damage

  • Quickly stabilises the fracture, holding it in the best position for healing

  • Avoids shortening and reduces the fracture to its original length

  • Delivering an ideal healing environment for faster calcification (bone hardening)

  • Can also be used to stabilise and treat a broken shoulder blade (scapula fracture)


Our NHS Ethics committee approved hospital study found that wearing a conventional arm sling causes neck pain and the potential of nerve damage after only four days of wear. Our anti neck pain arm sling avoids this risk and offers greater comfort.

ClaviBrace® treatment should not be confused with a figure of eight splint. A Canadian study revealed that the traditional 'figure of eight splint', does little or nothing to resolve a broken collarbone and causes more discomfort as straps bear down on the broken bone and cut-up at the back of the neck.

CAUTION: DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN SHOULDER STRAPS. It is sufficient to hold the shoulders in a natural position. As shoulder muscles relax re-tighten straps.

The brace system uses a range of unique lightweight highly breathable, non-sweat, no rash fabrics pioneered developed and only available from Angel Med. Especially gentle on young skin. Does not contain Neoprene or Latex.

View fitting - although fitting video shows an adult being fitted, it is the same for a child.
Design has also improved i.e. we do not use the armband and the waist strap now fastens around the waist. Gone is the elastic strap from back to waist.

Rehabilitation Advice

Always consult your doctor when you suspect a bone is fractured.

Quality manufactured in the United Kingdom.

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