Face Covering, Ultimate Wearer Protection, Washable, Reusable by 4DflexiSPORT

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Ultimate wearer protection, giving you the confidence to travel and enjoy getting away safely.

Building on the success of our original face covering, this super-safe mask provides even more reassurance for the wearer. 

Comprising a spacer fabric outer layer with water-resistant surface, an integrated finely woven Lycra middle layer, and a further spacer inner layer. All combine to create a triple layer maze of highly breathable vapour resistant filtration and ensuring maximum protection against an airborne virus.


  • Follows the latest face covering science on how to avoid infection.

  • Glasses don't fog-up proving that airborne vapour particles, potentially containing Covid, are not escaping or entering.

  • 3D moulded structure keeps the mask away from nostrils and lips and providing,
    - added protection.
    - easy clear speech.
    - a non-claustrophobic fit.

  • For the ladies, it doesn't smudge your lipstick!

  • Tie-back tapes with a stopper on the end, makes adjustment easy and guarantees a perfect seal across small and large face sizes.
    - when tightened, also prevents ear loops pinching at the back of the ears.
    - can be used to hang the mask around your neck when not wearing.

  • 100% washable, reusable and fast drying.

  • An easy one-size fit and suitable for large and small face sizes and shapes.

  • A bendable metal nose strip seals against viral particles.

  • Easily breathable and comfortable over long and continuous wear without compromising blood oxygen levels.


Our mask were tested by Professor Ian Swain of Bournemouth University where he compared the 4DflexiSPORT face mask against a range of others including, the FFP2 used by the NHS. His analysis found that our mask provided significantly better protection. His findings were published in the Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology.

Our 4DflexiSPORT mask gave Gloria Hunniford, darling of daytime television, the confidence to venture back onto the 'Loose Women' set, re-joining her fellow presenters on the show in person. Encouraged by this, she braved the plane trip for a holiday in France. “I am nervous about getting back out there again, said Gloria, also a presenter on the BBC’s 'Rip Off Britain' programme, but the 4DflexiSPORT mask really helped reassure me".

Feedback from the headmistress at an Ealing school, reported that their school had avoided any transmissions and that our mask had played a significant role in keeping staff and pupils safe. 

News articles and the science behind wearing a face mask ... learn more.


We regret that due to viral risk to our staff we cannot accept returns.


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