Our Original Face Mask, Washable (Reusable) by 4DflexiSPORT®

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This is our original face covering which doesn't have the extra layer of finely woven Lycra fabric in the middle between the woven spacer fabric layers or the vapour resistant surface of our superior protection mask.

It still provides greater protection than any other face covering, incorporating extensive research in providing wearer protection against an air-borne Coronavirus. Giving you the safety and confidence until we get through to the vaccine.


  • 100% washable, reusable, fast-drying, one-size-fits-all adults.

  • 3D Spacer technology, consisting two layers of spacer fabric - with built-in moisture resistant filtration.

  • A 3D moulded structure keeps the inside surface clear of nostrils and lips making it easy to speak and avoids the feeling of being claustrophobic.

  • A bendable metal nose strip seals against the virus and stops glasses misting up!

  • Easily-breathable, comfortable for long continuous wear without compromising blood oxygen levels.

  • Tie-back tapes guarantee an effective seal across all adult face shapes and some teenagers. Also prevents ear loops pinching at the backs of ears. A stopper on the end affords easy adjustment and provides a means of hanging the mask round your neck when not in use.

Helping you feel safe and confident about using public transport and doing your shopping.

News articles and the science behind wearing a face mask ... learn more.


We regret that due to viral risk to our staff we cannot accept returns.

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