Horse Rider Posture Perfect Gilet by 4DflexiSPORT®

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This Rider Gilet is a patented device designed for horse riders to improve posture and balance both in and out of the saddle.

Powerful components, concealed within a structured technical garment, work to relax tight muscles delivering symmetry and improving body alignment. Core muscles are activated, without creating dependency bringing game-changing results. UNISEX.

  • This stylish gilet can be worn under or over clothing and fits easily under a body protector or riding jacket

  • Does not pinch, cut-up at the underarms or create dependency

  • Allows freedom of movement for the arms reaching forward and does not compromise their blood supply or place pressure on nerves

  • Stretch side panels accommodate both the male and female body shape

  • Light and breathable with special washable genuine leather trims, simply pop in the laundry bag provided and machine wash at 40C

  • A removable reflective cross on the back and a light grey suede line at the front of each shoulder have been added to visually highlight symmetry and straightness. This works with most video training/analysis apps including OBJECTIVITY

(Special thanks to Tina Canton)

Ten years working with top medical and riding professionals have helped deliver a device powerful enough to affect muscle structures and dramatically improve body posture.

✔ Encourages better musculoskeletal alignment for improved balance, strength and nerve-flow

 Provides essential bio-feedback for a better understanding of how 'good posture' should feel - once established the brain can work towards subconscious correction

✔ Engendering a ‘core on’ posture for improved strength

✔ Lifts the diaphragm up and away from pelvic activity for lighter hand to horse contact

✔ Maintains shoulder blade position (scapulae), close to the chest wall, adding stability and strength to shoulder function 

✔ Encourages opening of the chest cavity for improved breathing


  • To generate a deeper brain-body connection and stronger more efficient engagement of core muscles

  • Achieve body symmetry and balance without thinking about it

  • Training the brain to subconsciously override the natural tendency to adopt the 'fetal position', when faced with perceived fear or danger and instead to automatically and subconsciously choose a well-balanced posture

  • Allowing your coach to concentrate on your riding technique rather than nagging about posture

... a happier more confident horse-rider partnership!

    Surprising and Powerful Links Between Posture and Mood 



    International event rider TINA CANTON used our ClaviBrace® version of the Rider Gilet, along with our specially developed arm gaiter, after she broke her collarbone. And although Tina opted for surgical plating, her splintered bone provided a fragile fixing for the screws and metal plate. By wearing the ClaviBrace and gaiter, it strengthened the plate enough to give her the confidence to return to competition much faster than the eight weeks her surgeon had prescribed.

    This got Tina thinking, she loved how it improved her posture and could see, with some adjustment, how this would benefit riders.
    "I use the gilet for schooling and riding competition and my pupils wear it too, it makes teaching so much easier when I don't have to nag about posture!" says Tina. Read more...


    Research by London surgeon and shoulder guru Mr Ian Bayley shows how important it is to identify wrong shoulder position and the consequences or ignoring it, read more about Scapular Dyskinesis (shoulder blades that wing outwards).


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