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Clavicle Gilet is a results driven device designed to treat all severity of clavicle fracture - broken collarbone - offering instantaneous pain relief, achieving best outcomes and helping you avoid surgery.

Within minutes spasm in the shoulder girdle muscles, associated with this type of injury disappears, reducing the fracture i.e. 'opening it out to length', relieving and often removing pain altogether.  Shoulders and fracture are fully supported achieving anatomical alignment and removing risk of rotation at the fracture site and delivering good union for a speedy return to work and sport. Includes a specially designed arm sling to ease neck discomfort. 

BMI Hospital and Harley Street shoulder consultant Mr Ian Bayley FRCS, "the clavicular gilet is an exciting innovation and we're seeing really good results using it".

Want to know more about the dedicated clavicle fracture care and gilet fitting offered by BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital, Harrow, HA1 3RX. Please phone: 0208 8723872


Disappointed with only a simple cuff after breaking your collarbone? You have every right to be, this is not a treatment and represents a random hit or miss, benign do-nothing approach.


Ten years working with icons of the shoulder world has helped us understand how wearing the gilet can achieve successful outcomes without surgery.

Da Vinci 
for the treatment of collarbone fractures
 Nominated by world famous surgeon Professor Angus Wallace 

Clavicle Gilet V more


  • Quickly stabilises a fracture holding it in the best possible position for healing

  • A gilet design that does not ride up and applies constant tension at the shoulders supporting the fracture

  • Does not cut in at the underarms or interfere with blood supply to the arms

  • Prevents rotation at the fracture site avoiding malunion (bad joining of the two broken ends)

  • STOPS EXCRUCIATING NERVE PAIN - lifts the broken bone ends up and away from underlying nerves, stopping pain, preventing nerve impingement and risk of nerve damage

  • Reduces disturbance, holding the fracture in place providing an ideal healing environment and encouraging faster calcification (bone hardening)

* Can also be used to stabilise and treat a broken shoulder blade [scapula] and broken ribs.

Providing an advance on the traditionally used figure of eight splint.

A Canadian study proved that the 'figure of eight splint', does nothing to resolve a broken collarbone. It cuts in at the back of the neck, bears down on the broken bone and restricts blood-flow to the arms. The clavicular gilet resolves those problems by adopting a gilet waistcoat design. 


  • Adopting a gilet design has overcome the problems of previous conservative clavicle fracture treatments and has addressed i.e. sliding and cutting in at the back of the neck, discomfort with the straps bearing down on the fracture and on the Brachial nerves, restricting the blood flow to the arms.

  • Technical bracing components, cleverly integrated into the gilet style garment remove any perceived stigma about wearing a medical brace.

  • Airflow breathable fabrics have been used for continuous comfortable wear.

  • Bacteria inhibiting properties allow the gilet to be worn 24/7 for several weeks without body odour. 

Getting back to sport sooner

A specially designed arm gaiter can be added at three weeks and protects the fracture against extremes of movement likely to disrupt healing. This is the brainchild of surgeon MR IAN BAYLEY and makes it possible for an earlier return to sports and everyday activities than would otherwise be advised.

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The Gilet and Gaiter combination gave International event rider Tina Canton the confidence to get back to competition only 4 weeks after a serious collarbone break.

Horse and Hound 
- Tina back competing with three horses at Buckminster Horse Trails, a record four weeks after badly smashing her collarbone.