Arm Sling Anti Neckache Design CHILD to TEENS by 4DflexiSPORT

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Child to teens arm sling, anti neckache design, featuring a unique armband that prevents the neck pain of wearing a sling. 

Made from light soft cooling fabric and providing secure play-safe comfort and support for the arm and shoulder. 

The easy-to-fit armband fits onto the opposite arm and with a tape that loops through the neck strap, taking pressure away from vulnerable neck areas and preventing the neck strap from cutting in at the side of the neck. Includes a functional thumb loop.

Use for conditions where the arm needs to be fully supported, including a broken collarbone, especially useful in preventing neck pain when the arm is held in a heavy arm cast.

Sizes range from 2 yrs to 13yrs. Black has been added for ages 12-13yrs. MEASURE ELBOW TO MIDDLE OF PINKY FINGER - See chart image.

✔ Available in a range of bright 'be seen' fun colours with various colour trims
✔ Neck strap increases with arm pocket size and can also be trimmed to shorten
✔Holds the arm at any level
✔ Reversible right or left fit
✔ A functional fleecy thumb loop supports the hand in the best alignment with the arm
✔ Soft spongy neckstrap
✔ QUALITY SPRING CLIP at the cuff swivels for easy right or left arm fit
✔ 40° wash / fast dry
✔ Quality Britsh made

Includes a happy healing sticker!


    • Remove VELCRO® Brand fastener crocodile clip from neckstrap and wash at 40°degrees / fast to air dry naturally

      CE compliant Class 1 Medical Device Registered with the Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Developed in association with London Harley Street practitioners. 

      Always consult your doctor when you suspect a fracture.


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