Arm Sling Anti Neckache DELUXE (CHILD/TEENS AGE SIZED) by 4DflexiSPORT®

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Child arm sling, anti neck ache design, featuring a unique arm sleeve designed to prevent neck pain in vulnerable young necks. A light cooling spongy arm pocket delivers secure play-safe comfort and support. 

The easy-to-fit sleeve fits onto the opposite arm and loops through the neck strap taking pressure away from vulnerable neck areas and preventing the neck strap from cutting in at the side of the neck. Includes a functional thumb loop. Unisex. 

Use for conditions where the arm needs to be fully supported, including a broken collarbone, especially useful in preventing neck pain when the arm is held in a heavy arm cast.

Sizes range from 2 yrs to 13yrs. Black has been added for ages 12-13yrs. MEASURE ELBOW TO MIDDLE OF PINKY FINGER - See chart image.

✔ Available in a range of bright 'be seen' fun colours with various colour trims
✔ Neck strap increases with arm pocket size and can also be trimmed to shorten
✔Holds the arm at any level
✔ Reversible right or left fit
✔ A functional fleecy thumb loop supports the hand in the best alignment with the arm
✔ Soft spongy neckstrap
✔ QUALITY SPRING CLIP at the cuff swivels for easy right or left arm fit
✔ 40° wash / fast dry
✔ Quality Britsh made

Includes a happy healing sticker!


    • Remove VELCRO® Brand fastener crocodile clip from neckstrap and wash at 40°degrees / fast to air dry naturally

      CE compliant Class 1 Medical Device Registered with the Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Developed in association with London Harley Street practitioners. 

      Always consult your doctor when you suspect a fracture


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